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Cookies and privacy on Border Collie Rescue websites

How Cookies are used on this website.

Border Collie Rescue does not use cookies on any of the charity owned websites but 3rd party websites with links to them on this site may use cookies for their own purposes - if we have not been able to prevent them.

Examples of such links would be embedded items and links to other websites where a banner or display is used which contains code that allows the originating website to plant a cookie on the computer of a visitor to the page containing the embed.
Some of these cookies send tracking information back to the originator.
We try and avoid allowing anyone to plant cookies through our website as so many are used for tracking and information gathering purposes and we regard such activities as intrusive.

For example, where we have embedded a YouTube video, the code that allows the video to appear and display on our website will place a cookie on the viewers computer.
With YouTube there is a 'no-cookie' option to the code settings that we always use when  we embed.
This setting stops YouTube planting a cookie when someone visits the page unless they click on the video and watch it.

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are always tracking peoples movements. Newspaper websites allow lots of 3rd party cookies - many websites do - they get paid for selling information about their visitors and their browsing habits.
Although we use social media websites ourselves, we do not use any of their banners or active links on our sites.
We set up our own links to prevent them planting cookies unless someone chooses to visit their site.

We take this action wherever we can and will use banners and generated links if we can disable cookies from being planted though them, but sometimes interactive links cannot be disabled without ceasing to work properly.

Our advice to everyone using the internet is to use privacy tools fully. Block cookies, particularly third party cookies.
Clear cookies from your browser when you leave websites.
Make sure your browser is set to clear cookies when you close it.

We try and protect our clients but these tracking people are devious so we recommend you use tracking prevention browser add-on's that block advertising companies, social network sites and information gatherers from tracking your browsing habits and either selling on that information or using it to sell targeted advertising.
It is your information they are stealing - your identity.

Don't be conned by the spin from these tracking companies who claim it is good for you because it allows advertisers to send you adverts you will be interested in and not 'bore' you with random adverts you may not want to see. That's bull.
They obviously don't give you credit for being capable of finding out about things that may interest you unless it's poked under your nose. But that's not the end of it.

Targeted advertising is just a cheap way of trying to hook you and haul you in and an excuse to legitimise intrusion of your privacy to gather information about you that they can sell onto anyone who cares to pay the price. Anyone.
What you do and what you are interested in forms part of your identity - part of what makes you the person you are.
Useful material for all sorts of people to get their hands on.

Abine Do Not Track provide a good tracking prevention browser add-on that blocks trackers from following you around the internet and stealing information about your movements. There are other tracking prevention packages out there.

Your information is your property - don't let companies steal it and use it and sell it for their own profit.

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