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Jan Pilgrim raining money for us at the Kielder Marathon

Support our work

Get Involved - Get sponsored!

Getting sponsored in an event is an excellent way of raising funds for Border Collie Rescue.

It is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

You do something you enjoy doing and the dogs and the charity benefits from your support and the support of all those who sponsor you.

If you enjoy running and like a challenge, pages on this website can show you a wide range of ways of events you could enter to raise funds for us, depending on your interests, abilities and level of fitness.
You could organise your own event - a sponsored walk or run with a few friends - long or short - or a more demanding challenge like the Coast to Coast route or other designated walk ways.
If possible, do it with your dog.

Border Collie Rescue no longer has reserved spaces in marathons and other events.
Many event organisers charge a charity more for a place than they would an individual runner entering themselves.
We also found that some people approached us for a place simply because they had missed out on the public entry deadline. They had no intention of raising funds. They just wanted a free run.

We want people to run for us if they really want to support us so we now have another way of allowing people who support us to take part in an event free of charge and contribute to our funds rather than debilitate them.
It also takes some of the pressure off the fundraiser because the amount needing to be raised to cover costs is lower so targets required to raise a particular amount for our funds can also be lower.

It works like this -
The person entering an event buys their own place.
They contact us and agree to run for us and discuss and agree a sponsorship target with us.
We set up a sponsorship fundraising package, an online account to accept credit and debit cards payments and a page on our website to promote them and supply a Tshirt to run in.
If they reach or exceed the sponsorship target, we refund them their entry fee after the event.

If someone just want to run to help raise funds for us an does not require a refund of their entry fee, the only difference is that no target needs to be set and in these circumstances we would not normally supply a Tshirt.

People who choose to enter any event and raise funds for Border Collie Rescue, have a choice as to how we use the funds they raise.
They can choose to have their sponsorship money earmarked for our work in England and Wales or in Scotland and can also choose if the money they raise goes to our Central fund to help pay any of our bills, or to our Welfare fund, to be spent directly on the care of dogs - in either country.
It does not matter if the event is in England or Scotland, the choice is there.

Jill and Mead raised funds by having their walking holiday sponsored

The 'Running Events' page lists many of the major UK organised running events and has links to some of them and to websites that list all of them.

Full and half Marathons for the very fit. Runs from 13k down to 1.5k, suitable for a wide range of ages.

The 'Other Events' page is about other organised events you can enter and be sponsored!

But - you are not limited to organised events.

Or if none of those take your fancy, think of one you would like to do - perhaps walk the Coast to Coast, the South Downs Way or walk or run around a local landmark. On your own or with a group of friends.
Make up your own event - and we will help you put it together.

Jill and Mead raised funds by having their walking holiday sponsored

Other ways to support us

Of course, you can make a 'one off' donation.
Send it to us in the post or do it online though the BT MyDonate button at the top of the page.

You could make a regular donation by standing order - just a few pounds a month adds up when a lot of people donate.
You can download a standing order form here!

You can get involved in the runs by sponsoring someone else who is entering an event.
You could attend the event and cheer them on.

You could volunteer to help our work and give a little time.
We need volunteers all over the UK to help with the dogs, home checking, transport and various events.
We need volunteers to support the volunteers who get themselves sponsored and enter the event.
If you want to join us and help, have a look at the 'Volunteer with us section'

Jill and Mead raised funds by having their walking holiday sponsored

It may be important to you to know that none of the money donated or raised by our supporters goes on wages.
We are all volunteers in Border Collie Rescue.

Please help us to help the dogs that need us - get involved.

Call us on 0845 6044941 Tuesdays - Thursdays - 2 pm to 5 pm for more information.

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